13 Super Effective Ways – How to Get the Fish Smell Off Hands

Either you grill or fry a fish; you have to cut, clean, or fillet it. This practice leaves the smell of fish on the hands. Therefore, a situation may arise in which the guest enjoys fish a lot. But the chef becomes uncomfortable due to the unpleasant odor. Here comes the need to know how to get the fish smell off hands.

If your hands smell like fish, you do not need to worry about it. We have brought for you some quick fixes to get the fish smell off hands. All these fixes are easy to follow and need typical household components.

No doubt, an online database is filled with diverse ways to remove the fish smell from hands. But, we are introducing some easiest ways that would make your fishy hands odorless.

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How to get the fish smell off hands

Follow the below trick that seems most suitable to you, and you would be satisfied by the results. So, here we go to our procedures.

1- Stainless steel bar

The fishy hands can be rubbed over stainless steel surface. It may be either a piece of this metal or a sink. You would be amazed, but it is the most common trick adopted by professionals. This solution works effectively.

It not only removes the garlic smell from hands but also neutralizes the sticky smell of fish. So, try to keep a stainless steel bar in your kitchen as a quick fix.

2- Lemon Juice

Everyone loves the extract of lemon. If we say it works as a fish smell remover, you would love it for sure. Yes, lemon juice contains citric acid that cuts the foul smell of fish. It leaves your hands with a fresh touch.

So, squeeze some lemon over your hand and rub it like soap. Continue this practice for at least 3 to 5 minutes, and the result would be fantastic. If you still feel a smell in your hands, the best option is to increase rubbing time.

In the end, you can wash your hands with simple water.

3- Salt

The most common component that supports you to remove the smell is salt. It is the essential item of the kitchen so, equally efficient also. This strategy is very famous among old professionals.

To use it as a remedy, put a good quantity of salt over your wet hands and rub gently for up to 5 minutes. After that, you can wash your hands with water. We make you sure that the bad smell would be gone.

4- Baking soda

From removing stains to whitening roles, baking soda is very famous for its diverse functions. The excellent point is that we are introducing its new role as fish smell remover. Take an equal quantity of water and baking soda in a small bowl. The end consistency should be in the form of paste.

Please put it on your palm and rub it like soap. Continue this practice for one or two minutes and wash with tap water.

5- Coffee beans

If you are a coffee lover, it would definitely be present in your kitchen. It works as a fish smell remover, and you would be amazed by its efficiency. Actually, coffee grains have an excellent capacity to absorb fish oil left on your hands.

Professional knows that fish oil is the main reason of smelly hands. So, wet your hands and take a good amount of dry grains in your hand. After that, rub them for three to four minutes. After that, you can wash your hands with soap, just like a routine.

6- Baby tissues or wipes

If you have a toddler in your home, the solution is here with baby wipes. The formula of these wipes is ingenious that removes the bad smell. Plus, it leaves a very soft aroma over the skin. You can have one or two wipes to apply over the hands. We claim that you would be shocked by the results.

7- Ketchup

Ketchup is another common kitchen item that treats fish smell successfully. You are required to pour a good quantity of ketchup over your palm. Rub it gently all over the hands for 2 to 3 minutes. After this, you can wash your hands with soap and tap water.

8- Hand sanitizer

In this situation of corona pandemic, hand sanitizer has become the essential item of every home. It must be present in your home. So, drop some amount of sanitizer and treat your hands with it. We are sure the smell of fish would leave your hands quickly.

9- Toothpaste

Another most common item that can be used as a fish smell neutralizer is toothpaste. It contains natural ingredients that cut off smell and germs. While dealing with fish, an oily and slimy surface gets attach to the hands. As a result, a foul odor produces in your hands.

Wet your hands and put some quantity of toothpaste in your hands. Rub 3 to 4 minutes and wash with warm water. In the end, you can treat your hands with soap if you dislike the toothpaste smell.

Here is an alternative, you can wash your hands with water containing soap and toothpaste. This trick also works efficiently to remove bad smells.

10- Rubber gloves

A speedy trick that initially keeps the smell away from the hands is rubber gloves. Purchase this pair of gloves and wear them before dealing with fish for catching, cleaning, or cutting. These gloves would act as the resistant coat that bypasses the slimy layer from developing in your hands.

11- Vinegar

Vinegar is the most common food item that makes the fish taste more delicious. What would you think if we say vinegar also removes fish smell from the hands? Yes, the citric acid in the vinegar neutralizes the slime composition that easily flushes with water.

Take an ample amount of vinegar in your hands and rub like a soap. After 3 to 5 minutes, you can wash your hands with simple water.

12- Saltine crackers

Well, you have seen multiple items that have made you surprise by their smell-removing role. But, the most surprising thing is saltine crackers. Take a small quantity of soap in your hands and wash with water after rubbing.

Dry your hands with tissue paper and rub saltine crackers in your hands. These crackers should be in crashed form for efficient working. Now, raise your hands with simple tap water. You can smell your hands to check it’s working. We are sure the results would be excellent.

13- Mixture of vinegar, liquid dishwasher, and lemon juice

Alternative to all these methods, you can make a mixture of vinegar, a liquid dishwasher, and lemon juice. In a full cup of vinegar, add one-fourth amount of lemon juice. Mix them well, and treat your hands with this mixture.

Here is the limitation that it would leave your hands somewhat dry. If you prefer this recipe, don’t forget to moisturize your hands. Plus, it does not treat bacteria. Alternatively, the pungent odor of this mixture overcomes the foul smell of fish skin in your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why does fish smell leave in the hands?

The external surface of fish is moist and slimy. When you catch, cut, or fillet it, an oily layer gets stick in the hands. This layer is the main reason that produced odor in the hands.

2- What kind of ingredients do I need for fish smell off hands?

Low pH items can remove the fish smell from hands. Actually, the acidic nature neutralizes the basic slimy layer. As a result, no smell leaves on hands.

3- What are the cheapest item that removes fish smell from hands?

A diverse variety of cheap items are available in one’s home that quickly removes the fish smell. The most common are salt, toothpaste, ketchup, lemon juice, baking soda, baby wipes, vinegar, and more.

Wrapping up

How to get the fish smell off your hands is a hot topic due to the presence of fish lovers. Eating fish is very easy but dealing with it for cooking demands a trick. No doubt, a large population loves to clean and cook it. But no one likes a bad smell in one’s hands.

Therefore, we have discussed how to get rid of the fishy smell on our hands. You don’t know, but we are excited to tell you that your kitchen is filled with multiple items that have a natural tendency to treat bad smells.

From very essential to expensive items, every cure has been discussed. You can randomly pick any item to neutralize this smell.

In short, you do not need to hesitate with the cleaning of fish. Removing smell from hands is a quick task that requires no time as there is no rocket science behind it.

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