How To Cast A Spinning Reel – Simple Step By Step Guide

How to cast a spinning reel may seem simple, but it is challenging? It is because the spinning reels have different shapes that made a big difference. They are not only come in a wide range of sizes and styles, but also you might have gone through different casting techniques. If you have not found the right one yet, we are going to help you. We have come with the efficient and simple steps of casting a spinning reel regardless of your skill level. You have to follow each step one by one. After a couple of hours of practice, you will be ready to cast a spinning reel in water. So let’s start the journey!

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Steps of The Spinning Reel Cast

The spinning reel cast is quite different as compared to baitcaster. Unlike conventional reels, the spinning reel works on a different mechanism. They use a fixed spool, which means the line is going off the spool once the lure came intact into water. You should not forget that the biggest factor in the accuracy of a spinning reel is the distance of the cast and how you will be going to handle it. But you should keep in mind that you must know how to cast or about the casting mechanism so you can easily catch your target. With that all in mind, we are here to help you. Let’s look at the simple steps of how to cast a spinning reel.

Step 1: Make a Comfortable Grip Using Your Dominant Hand

First of all, you have to hold the reel while casting with your dominant hand. You have to make sure that set at the stem of the reel foot between your ring and middle finger. It allows your index finger to reach above the bail and line roller. Now you have to wrap your thumb around it and sits on the edge of the rod.

It depends on the hand size, so you have to make sure about its adjustment. You have to keep the reel’s step between your ring and pinky and practice by griping it utile you are comfortable with it. You might have got a different position based on the size of the reel and your hand.

Moreover, there is some heavy spinning reel that uses larger rods. They need extended handles with the two-handed cast. They catch the rod using off-hand and the reel using the dominant hand.

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Step 2: Adjust the Line

With this regard, you have to make sure about moving the bail under the line roller. You have to adjust the line as close to your index finger as possible. For this purpose, you have to use your index finger, take a line, and wrap it with the bail. After that, you have to pull the line as if it triggers up towards the rod bank and hold it firmly.

Step 3: Distance Matters

It’s time to check out the lure at the end of the line. For peak performance, you have to adjust the lure. It should not touch the rod tip. If so, it will hinder casting distance, and you should not make it several feet away from the rod tip. If you do so, then you will not get optimal performance.

We suggest you that make about 10 inches distance of lime between the rod tip and lure.

Step 4: Hold the Line

Now you have to hold the line using your index finger and flip it to open the bail. You have to put the spool into a spinning reel. In this case, if you get the line goes, it will allow the line to leave the spool freely.

Step 5: Cast the Spinning Reel

You have to target by keeping an eye on it and steadily move the casting using the rod. You have to draw it and back it slowly and then swinging the rod back forward to make a good adjustment.

Additionally, you have to place the cast depending on the line from your index finger, at which point the lure will carry the line off the spool. You have to cast until it reaches in water.

Here you should keep in mind that your release point will determine the trajectory of the lure. If you cast it fast, you will realize having a high flying lure, and it won’t go far.

On the other hand, if you release it too late, then it determines the lure is slapping the water right in front of your boat.

Hence, you have to make an optimal distance. Such as your rod tip should be moved from the scratch of the casting to its next step on the backcast. To make some more distance, make your release point a little far from the halfway mark of that range on the forward cast.

The motion will depend on the cast you are performing. Using your right hand, it may be a simple overhand cast. You have to flap, pitch, or skip by depending on the motions with your arm and the rod. The spinning reel, the line, and lure remain steady.


Here we will be going to give you a tip. When it comes to casting, and you don’t know how to cast a spinning reel, you must practice it in your yard before taking it to the water.

Keep in mind; you will not learn like a fly; it takes time. The fishing experience would also be enjoyable when you are solely focused on catching the fish rather than getting the cast in line with the water.

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Steps to Increase Casting Distance with a Spinning Reel

Here are some simple steps to increase casting distance with a spinning reel:

1.   Hold the Reel

Some common mistakes that beginners do that they don’t hold the reel properly. They hold the reel wrong, so you have to hold it properly by following how to cast a spinning reel.

You have to hold the reel with your ring and pinky finger. It makes your index finger free to use as a brake and hold the line, so it should be upward when you cast the reel. With that, you have to make sure the reel itself is facing the ground before casting.

2.   Use Braided Fishing Line

To get optimal distance, you should use a braided fishing line. It makes a proper distance without compromising the line strength.

Here you should also make sure don’t go for heavy pounds as braided are smaller in diameter than mono. If you use heavy braided lines, then the chances are obstructing the reel when casting during a distance. Hence why we recommended you get a braided line of 20 pounds.

3.   Have Enough Line

Novice often does that they don’t make enough line on the reel, which doesn’t allow proper distance. You have to make sure the line is not too closely or too far. In both cases, you are casting the distance effect.

4.   Select the Rod Length

While increasing casting distance, you have to make sure about the correct rod length. Markets are flooded with different rods’ sizes, but you should choose between 7 feet and 7.5 feet. 

5.   Use Heavy Lures 

It is also good to use heavier rods by simply switching from 1 by 8 oz jog to 1 / 4 ozone. It will help you cast far. Not only the weight is important while casting but also the shape. Thus, you should use a 5-inch paddle tail swimbait or a jerk bait to get the optimal distance.

6.   Use a Simple Casting Technique 

There are lots of techniques about how to cast a reel, but you have to use a simple one. You have to use your right arm cast, flipping, skipping, etc. However, if you want to get a high distance, it would be good to use the overhead cast fishing reel. It is not only easy but also helps you get the maximum distance to handle it accurately.

7.   Consider the Wind Direction

Last but most important consideration while making a proper distance is the wind direction. If you are following every step as written but are not getting results, make sure about the wind’s direction. The wind should be at your side or, better yet, at your back. 

Wrapping Up

The gospel truth is, a spinning reel is a versatile tool that requires practice either you are a beginner or professional. When it comes to casting a spinning reel, you have to follow the simple steps that we have discussed on this page. We are hoping that you will find them well. Besides that, if you have any questions, then we are always here to help you. Thank you. Let’s hone your craft!

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