Beginner Fishing Guide – How To Cast A Fish With No Trouble

If you are going fishing for the first time, our beginner fishing guide will help you out. Moreover, fishing might seem to be a piece of cake, but in reality, it isn’t. However, you need to know the basics of casting a fish.

You cannot just drop the line at any angle on the water. Therefore, the people who go fishing are known as anglers. You’ve to face some challenges while fishing, especially if you are fishing for the first time.

You will have difficulty in finding the fish. Also, you cannot tie the bait easily with the reel spool line. Most of the beginner anglers do not know how to tackle the fish.

No worries, after reading our beginner fishing guide, you will know how to overcome the challenges while fishing. Likewise, we’ll explain which accessories are necessary for fishing.

Simple Beginner Fishing Guide

Set Your Goals

You have to set your goals for fishing. However, you have to choose the easiest way while casting a fish. Besides, you need to know the basics. In fact, it is not easy to nail the fish with the hook. Therefore, it is crucial that you have all the accessories for casting a fish.

You’ll be ready for fishing when the fishing kit is in your hand. Keep on reading to find which accessories are needed for fishing.

Fishing Place

Now you have to find a fishing place. For instance, you have to choose between inshore and offshore fishing. Furthermore, you have to know which location in your country is available for fishing and it is legal by the government.

Additionally, you’ve to choose the finding fishing location on google. Ensure that you choose a convenient fishing place. Also, you should pick a location that is not too wide. We will suggest fishing in a pond for beginners. In this way, you’ll have fewer complications while fishing for the first time.

Best of all, the local fishing ponds have restrooms near, and you don’t have to travel at the farthest distance for fishing.

Select The Right Reel And Rod For Fishing

Next comes with rod and reel for fishing that will complete our beginner fishing guide. The most important gear that you need is a fishing rod and fishing reel. There are several deals on amazon, and you can buy the combo of reel and rod. However, if you need the reel only, then prefer the kastking sharky III reel. This is one of the best beginner spinning reels.

However, if you are going to do the fishing in freshwater, buy the best spinning reel. Other than that, you’ve to buy separately for the Saltwater Spinning Reels. Though the Freshwater Spinning Reels are cheap, and they are light in weight as well.

Best of all, you can easily cast a panfish and trout fish with the spinning reel. However, there are some specs that you need to keep in mind while buying the reel and rod.

Choose the rod of 6’6″ in length, and it should have the faster action, as well as the weight, should be between 6 to 10 lbs. other than that, the reel size should be 35. Also, choose a reel with the ball bearings from 4 to 7.

In addition, you have to pick the reel with a line capacity of 230 yards. The weight dragging capacity should be 10lbs.


Furthermore, we suggest buying an affordable reel as a beginner. However, you can also find the combo or reel and rod for under 80 dollars. Keep in mind that the cheap reels will not last for more than 5 to 6 fishing trips.

Besides, you can invest in an expensive reel and rod when you are familiar with the basics. Plus, choose the reel with a wide dragging capacity for the best experience.

Below is our beginner fishing guide you’ll know important accessories and tips for fishing.

Attach Spool With The Fishing Reel Line

You don’t need to buy a reel with the maximum dragging spool line. However, you can rely on the 200 yards of the line of monofilament. Furthermore, the basic reels with the spool line have a drag capacity of 6 lbs.

For attaching the spool with your rod, ensure that you make a double knot. As well, you have to place the spool in the water for some time. You can also add it to the pot of water and apply some tension on it with the thumb.

Fishing Reel Line


There are some cautionary measures to take. You have to leave the spool line with the 1/8 inches between the rim and line. Also, the spool should not be filled to the maximum capacity.

Start With The Basic Monofilament 6 Lbs

Firstly, you have to know the basics of fishing that includes the monofilament line. Furthermore, you have to take advantage of pan fishing because they are convenient to cast. Other than that, you can easily target the panfish with the monofilament of 6 lbs.

Furthermore, you can find the line types and tie the knots accurately. In addition, you can easily master your journey if the spool line is 6 lbs because it is convenient to use.

Basic Accessories Of Fishing: Bobbers, Hooks, And Sinkers

What are the basic accessories for fishing? Let’s us tell you in detail below:

Most importantly, you need hooks, snap bobbers and sinkers. Ensure that the accessories are not so fancy. Choose the accessories that can easily let the angler to cast a fish. Besides, choose the simple snap bobbers, split shots, and the bait holder hooks.

Choose the baitholder hook, and it should have the split shot sinker of 3/0. Also, pick the snap bobber of 1 inch. These specs are ideal for basic offshore fishing.

Additionally, you have to choose the 1-inch worm and attach it with the hook. Ensure to make double knots and then tie the knot. The best fish for beginners is pan fishing. Furthermore, you have to split the 3/0 shot with a height of 1feet.

Fishing Kit

Our Basic Fishing Tackle Kit is a good option for getting these basics and setting yourself up for the other live bait techniques. If you have a fishing tackle shop nearby, you should buy Baitholder Hooks, Split Shot Sinkers, and Snap Bobbers separately.

The Ideal Fishing Baits

Are you wondering which are the ideal fishing baits?


You can find the maggots in the fishing stores. In fact, the maggots are the most popular baits used by professional anglers. Furthermore, the maggots are easily available in the market, and they have the size of half-pints almost.

Additionally, there are various maggots in the market. However, beginner anglers should buy the mixed color maggots with a combination of red, yellow, and white.

The worms are the cheapest baits for fishing, and you can easily attract the fishes with the baits. On the other side, the worm baits will surely help you to cast a fish. The fishes will also love the smell of worms, and they will surely get in a trap with the worm baits.

Corn That Fishes Love!

Sweetcorn is another favorite food of fishes. Moreover, you can use corn to attract fishes. Also, let the fishes get in a trap by changing the color of corn. Furthermore, you can buy a tin of corn and remember to open it before going to the fishing place.

The Landing Net

Beginner fishing gear includes the landing net. You have to buy the landing net to catch the fishes. In addition, you have to choose the net that has safe mesh material, and fishes land on it conveniently. Moreover, the net shouldn’t damage the fish.

Furthermore, the landing nets are available in different sizes are shapes. However, choose the fish landing net’s medium size, and the net shouldn’t allow the fish to go back in the water. For that reason, a smaller net for landing will be helpful for beginner anglers.

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Most Useful Fishing Tip

We suggest fishing with someone who is pro at doing it. Furthermore, you can go with a family friend or colleague fishing. Having a helper and guider will make your fishing experience even more convenient and enjoyable.

In addition, you can improve fishing skills by learning the way how others cast a fish. You will have the live tutorial on how to fish if you have an angler with you. Fishing basics are applicable after some practice.

However, you shouldn’t be disappointed after your first experience because it will be a learning period. Hopefully, our beginner’s guide to fishing is accommodating. Also, you can check the fishing tutorial on YouTube.

That sums up our basics of the fishing checklist and how to catch fish. So grab the accessories and pick a place with your fellow and go fishing.

Good luck!

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